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1.Commonly asked questions
1.1.Issues logging in with Facebook, especially for age 1 characters created with Facebook account.

If your account was created from your Facebook account, you can visit www.evony.com and then click the f connect on the left of the log in control panel and use your Facebook username and password to log in. If you have already logged in with an Evony account, you have to click the Log in with another account option and then re-log in with your Facebook account.

1.2.Connection problem, tips to connect to the game server

Many times after a maintenance you'll need to ensure that you have the latest version of Evony on your browser, which if you do not, you can find yourself unable to connect. Please find below some handy tips for you to use to assist you in your connection issue. You can look at the updates from the Evony team by going to our Official Facebook page to check for ETA's and the latest information. Please try the tips on this page to clear up any connection issues.


  • Clear your browser cache
  • Try refreshing the page
  • Try another browser
  • Check to make sure you are not blocking the game
  • Try to run this command, ipconfig /flushdns to flush the DNS Resolver Cache


  • Check to make sure the Flash Player on your computer is working and the latest version
  • Check the security settings of your browsers, they may be blocking the game
  • Make sure you are actually giving the game the chance to load, sometimes it is slow due to your connection


  • Check your internet connetion, this could be due to you losing your connection in the middle of the loading process
  • View the steps in #1

This information can also be found here http://bbs.evony.com/showpost.php?p=708927&postcount=2

1.3.I am unable to cancel my auto-cents subscription.

You can cancel your auto-cents subscription by accessing your paypal account via paypal.com. If you are still having problems please visit this page to see step by step instructions.


1.4.I cannot find my Package and/or Key?

Special Chest keys are obtained through a single transaction of $30 or more and are found in the Evony Happiness package. You can check the giftbox at the top left of your screen to claim your package and open it under My Items Chest tab once you have claimed them.

1.5.Issues with the $5 for 250 cents package.

As described on the purchase page, this package will not actually give you 250 coins. The stated deal is that you get the regular $5 for 50 actual coins, plus, you will receive a package that is valued at $20USD/200 coins worth. Which you can locate by either claiming it from the gift box icon at the top left of your browser window, if you don't see it there, check your items menu and click on the "chest" tab. If you see the package there click details and then apply and you then have your 200 coins worth of items, medals and/or resources.

1.6.I placed my order but have not received the items.

Please check the giftbox in the upper left hand corner, or on the chest tab in your items menu. If the items are not there, sometime certain payment providers (ie Moneybookers) sometimes delay notifying us of the transactions as they complete the payments on their end. If you have not received the packages within 48 hours please submit a ticket, and the Customer Service staff will be more then happy to investigate the issue for you.

1.7.My NPC Cities Dissappeared, Clearing npcs.

For Evony to maintain a balanced and exciting game environment, it is necessary for us to regularly clear Non-Player Cities and cities belonging to players who are no longer active. We understand that players use Non-Player Cities to support their armies, so we do not clear cities that are level 5 or 10 if they are within a reasonable distance of any player city. Other Non-Player Cities must be cleared on a regular basis to make room for new players to join servers. This keeps servers alive with competition and new challenges.

1.8.Valleys and Rally spot issues.

Every valley that holds any troops counts as an "attack unit" from the rally spot. Please check if there are any troops dispatched in your valleys or garrisoned in your allies cities.

1.9.Free speed ups

Free speed ups are determined by the basic construction time. You need to take into account your construction level and Mayor politics level, these factors influence your ability to speed up construction.

The buildings that can be used for a free speed upgrade are,

Farm lvl3 -> lvl4

Sawmill lvl2 -> lvl3

Quarry lvl2 -> lvl3

Ironmine lvl1-> lvl2

Stable lvl0 -> lvl1

Rally Spot lvl1 -> lvl2

Barracks lvl0 -> lvl1

Cottage lvl2 -> lvl3

Forge lvl0 -> lvl1

Inn lvl0 -> lvl1

Feasting Hall lvl0 -> lvl1

1.10.Medal drop rate

Medals are one of the most sought after and prized items in Evony, because of this, they are necessarily difficult to find, but we can assure you that all of the medals are possible rewards from winning battles.

Because we want Evony to be explored by players, we can't give strategies or locations for acquiring medals. However, many players have discovered some great strategies for medal drops and we encourage you to ask your fellow players in world chat, or your alliance. In addition, we have a very active and helpful community of players on our forums. The forums are located at http://bbs.evony.com or you can just click the Forum link in game.

We wish you the best of luck in your hunt for medals and thanks for playing!

1.11.Facebook and Evony account linking issues.

If you want to log in directly from our website, you need to link your facebook account with an evony account. When linking the two accounts together, please choose to keep your facebook character option, or your character may be deleted. Please follow these instruction carefully to prevent the loss of your account.

If you already have a registered Evony account with email, you can go through the following page to link your facebook account and evony account together.


If you do not have a registered Evony account with email yet. Please visit www.evony.com and click the new comers button and use your email address to register and then follow step 1 to finish other settings.

1.12.I clicked on a prize in facebook and I did not receive the award.

In some cases you will not receive an award that you clicked on as these are limited time and limited quantity prizes. If the time or the quantity has already been exceeded you will not be able to claim the prize.

1.13.Explain battle reports or unexpected troop loss

Evony is a dynamic world that players are expected to explore on their own. The Evony Team is not able to explain battle reports or unexpected battle outcomes. These issues are not bugs, technical problems or malfunctions, and is therefore not something that can be corrected. If you need further explanation of any game mechanics or other help, you can ask your fellow players, or visit our game forums.


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